Your Veterinary Supply Company Offers Outdoor Activities for You and Your Dog

Outdoor Activities for you and your dog

The sun is blazing, the temperatures are in the 80s and the outdoors is where you want to be this summer. Well, that goes for your dog as well. We are willing to bet Fido would rather be outside with you doing a fun activity rather than locked up indoors. So you had better get…read more

Your Veterinary Supply Company Offers Pet-Friendly Resolutions

pet friendly resolutions

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time for setting new goals and starting fresh. If you made resolutions for the new year, good for you. Many of these resolutions have to do with eating healthier, curbing alcohol consumption and perhaps spending more time with the family. And while these are all noble goals, there is…read more

Your Vet Supplies Company Ponders the Differences Between Cat Lovers and Dog Lovers

It is a question as old as time itself; Cat lovers or dog lovers, who really has life all figured out? When it comes to people who prefer cats over dogs and people who prefer dogs over cats, assumptions are made about their personalities, stereotypes are created and even science has stepped up to offer…read more