Disclaimer: The information provided on the MSDS sheets is per the manufacture and is accurate to the best of our knowledge. For disposal on any of the products with MSDS sheets please contact state, local or county officials. MSDS only available in English translation.

Acid Fast Stain Set

Adhesive Cuff Repair Glue

Barium Sulfate

BCT Gel Separator is for both J1420 and J1421

Bone Cement

Breath Fresh


California Mastitis Test

Checker pH Meter

Cool Renewal

Dead Live Semen Stain

Dip Quick Stain Set

Enzymatic Instrument Cleaner

Equicel Hemastatic Powder 2gm

Foaming Autoclave Spray Cleaner (JorClave)


Gel Wrap

General Purpose Cleaner

Gram Stain Set

HCT Controls J1396C

Health Mate Ketone Strips for Milk


Honey Gel (Manuka)

Honey Impregnated Absorbent Dressing (Manuka AD, Sterile)

Hyaluronic Gel is for J1421

I-Glo Fluorescein Sodium Ophthalmic Strips

Immersion Oil

Instrument Detergent (Manual and Ultrasonic)

Iodine Stain (Lugol’s 2.1%)




Lactophenol Cotton Blue

Lactate Monitor Control Level 1 J1384C

Live, Dead Semen Stain (Canadian)

Live, Dead Semen Stain


Mercury Thermometer

Microscop Cleaning Solution

New Methylene Blue

PBS Saline is for both J1420 and J1421

Petrothene (Cadaver Bags)

Pink Germicide

Potassium Hydroxide

Profil PP-60 Polypropylene

Prophy Paste (JorVet)


Sheather’s Solution

Silicone Lubricant

Silko Spray

Soda Lime

Steel Epoxy Putty Stick

Stuart’s Liquid Media with Foam Sponge Transport Swab

Sudan III (Fat Stain)

Surgical Instrument Lubricant Milk

Sutures in Alcohol

Sutures in Isopropanol

Sutures not in Alcohol

Tattoo Ink Black J0276T msds

Technovit Liquid

Technovit Powder

Urine Sediment Stain

Urine Reagent Strips (J0630X)

Urine Glucose Test Strip J0630G

Urine Ketone Test Strips J0630K

Urine Reagent ‘5’ Test Strips J0630V

Vet BUN Reagent Strip


Walpole Solution