Amies Agar Gel Transport Swab
Amies Agar Gel Transport SwabAmies Agar Gel Transport Swab

Amies Agar Gel Transport Swab


Product Description

Agar Gel Transport Swab. Veterinarians often encounter challenging infectious cases that require a bacterial culture and antibiotic sensitivity. A quality transport swab will preserve the
specimen from the patient to the laboratory, whether the lab is in the next room or in the next state. Individually wrapped, 50/carton.
– Extra-long 51/4″ swab shafts enable easier access to diffi-
cult sites without contamination
– Soft rayon swab tips are inert and non-toxic to micro-or?ganisms and patients
– Tamper evident tube seal
– Large pre-attached label
– Non-breakable polypropylene tube with hour glass design squeezes out undesirable air harmful to fastidious bacteria, and prevents disintegration of gel column during transportation
– 5ml deep agar gel column insures maximum protection, improves sample viability, and optimizes moisture control

Step1: Peel Apart the Plastic Film Layers.
Step 2: Remove Plug from Transport Tube.
Step 3: Remove Swab and Collect Specimen.
Step 4: Insert Swab in Tube and Close Cap

Amies Agar Gel Transport Swab. Most popular. 50/carton.

Additional Information

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