Amies Agar Gel w/ Charcoal Transport Swab


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Agar Gel Transport Swab. Veterinarians often encounter challenging infectious cases that require a bacterial culture and antibiotic sensitivity. A quality transport swab will preserve the
specimen from the patient to the laboratory, whether the lab is in the next room or in the next state. Individually wrapped, 50/carton.
– Extra-long 51/4″ swab shafts enable easier access to difficult sites without contamination
– Soft rayon swab tips are inert and non-toxic to micro-organisms and patients
– Tamper evident tube seal
– Large pre-attached label
– Non-breakable polypropylene tube with hour glass design squeezes out undesirable air harmful to fastidious bacteria, and prevents disintegration of gel column during transportation
– 5ml deep agar gel column insures maximum protection, improves sample viability, and optimizes moisture control

Step1: Peel Apart the Plastic Film Layers.
Step 2: Remove Plug from Transport Tube.
Step 3: Remove Swab and Collect Specimen.
Step 4: Insert Swab in Tube and Close Cap

Amies Agar Gel with Charcoal Transport Swab. 50/carton.

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