IV Fluid Warmer

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Product Description

The use of room temperature (70°F) IV fluids on patients either in shock or susceptible to hypothermia should be avoided. Ideally, IV fluids should be administered as close to body temperature as possible to all patients for better therapeutic results. The JorVet IV fluid warmer is placed over a short 8″ segment of a standard IV line, where it will safely warm passing fluids to 100°F. It should be placed within 18″ of the patient.

This small lightweight unit uses a 110V AC adaptor. The current is stepped down to low voltage 12V DC for safety. Just plug in and turn on. No adjustments or calibrations needed.

• Adjustable hanging strap supports weight of unit on what-ever the IV fluid bag is supported by.
• Separate cartridge or tube extensions not needed
• Inexpensive
• Flow rate up to 12m1/min.
• Wipe clean between cases
• USA made with 1-year warranty

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