Vet Supplies and Reasons Cats Make Great Pets

Cats get a bad rap. Even we have been guilty of leaving them out of the conversation when discussing pets. We have written a few posts praising dogs and giving reasons why dogs make the best pets. To our horror, we realized we haven’t given cats equal billing. Just because most people love dogs and think they make the best pets doesn’t mean cats don’t have their strong points. They have a couple of them.

Anyway, Jorgensen Labs, your vet supply company, offers reasons why cats make the best pets.


Cats love to play, when they aren’t plotting your death, that is. They are also quite acrobatic and some even show grace. You can buy your cat a toy and watch as they pounce on it, leap n the air and bat at it with their paws and generally just smack that thing all over the place. It is really a good time if you have burned through all the episodes of Stranger Things and have nothing better to do.


Cats purr and it is really one of the most delightful sounds. Children love to hear cats purr, it really makes their day. And let’s face it, listening to a cat purr while sitting on your lap is a really nice way to spend some time in the evening after a hectic day at work.

Litter-Box Trained

Most cats are litter-box trained which means you don’t have to take them for a walk in the rain, snow or cold. It is really nice when you don’t have to deal with taking out an animal so they can do their business. Cats do their business right there in the litter box that is in your house.


Cats like being alone. In fact, if you were to disappear for a week, your cat would hardly notice and show no emotion when you got back home. Dogs need all of the attention they can get and will act all crazy like when you have been gone for only, like, five minutes.

Easy Care

Cats are really easy to care for, all you really have to do is give them food and water. They don’t need baths, you don’t have to brush them, they basically take care of themselves. So if you are kind of a lazy person, maybe you should get a cat.

They Are Content

Cats don’t require constant attention, they are just fine if you wish to have a moment or two by yourself. Some pet owners don’t have a whole lot of time to devote to their pet. Cats are quite adaptable to their human’s needs and step easily into the pace of the owner.

No Guilt Trips

If you even look at a dog with a mean expression, you can expect him to put his tail between his legs and give you a forlorn look. It’s pathetic really. You can yell at a cat and receive zero reaction.

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