Your Veterinary Supply Company Offers Outdoor Activities for You and Your Dog

Outdoor Activities for you and your dog

The sun is blazing, the temperatures are in the 80s and the outdoors is where you want to be this summer. Well, that goes for your dog as well. We are willing to bet Fido would rather be outside with you doing a fun activity rather than locked up indoors. So you had better get a list together of all the fun things you and Fido can do this summer.

Jorgensen Labs, your veterinary supply company, offers these wonderful activities you can do with your dog this summer.

Drive-In Movie

Drive-in movie theaters are not only fun for the spouse and kids, but Fido enjoys a good movie viewed out the windshield of your vehicle as well. Your dog gets to spend quality time with the family, gets to eat snacks and gets to stick his head out the window whenever he wants.

Many drive-in theaters have perks for people who bring their dogs to the movies including a special area set aside for doggy breaks and a snack bar with dog-friendly treats.

Hit the Beach

A traditional destination in the summer is the beach. This experience can be even better if you bring your dog with you. Sit back and think about walking through the gentle waves with your dog, throwing the Frisbee while Fido chases and catches it and soaking up the rays with your dog next to you. Just make sure the beach you choose is dog-friendly.

Go Camping

Many state and national parks are set up to accommodate your dog, so you have no reason not to bring Fido along when you go camping. Having your dog with you while exploring nature, fishing and making dinner over the campfire makes for some very fond memories.

Go to a Farmer’s Market

There are all sorts of goodies to be found at the local farmer’s market. You and Fido are contributing to both your community and local farmers when making purchases.

Take Fido Out to the Ballpark

That’s right, many Major League teams set certain dates that you can bring your dog. In fact, the Arizona Diamondbacks have 17 dog-friendly home games this season and the San Diego Padres have a backyard inspired setting that is dog-friendly for all of their home games.

Bike Rides

Not all dogs are able to run along their master’s side when bike riding, which is why you need a bike trailer designed for Fido. It might take a while for your dog to get used to, but when he does he will look forward to his bike rides.

Splash Zone

On those days that are so hot, you don’t feel like driving or biking anywhere, turn on your water sprinkler in your yard and you have your very own water park for you and Fido. Oh, the kids can use it as well.

As you can clearly see, there are a number of great activities you and your dog can engage in this summer. Stay safe, have fun and rely on Jorgensen Labs for your vet supplies. Contact us today.