Vet Supplies and Choosing the Right Dog

Personality is everything. And it’s just as true in dogs as it is in people. That is, if you are considering getting a dog, you need to find one that fits your personality.

When thinking about getting a dog, you probably have a few favorite breeds that you feel would be right for you. Dog personality plays a big role in determining what is a good fit for your home and selecting a dog breed becomes an easier task when you know more about traits and characteristics.

You might be single or you might have a big family. You may have young children and other pets. These are all considerations when choosing a dog.  You will also need to think about space. A big breed dog is a poor choice if you live in a small apartment with no yard.

You will also need to examine your lifestyle. Maybe you like to travel frequently or perhaps you are more of a homebody.

Jorgensen Labs, your source for vet supplies, offers these things to consider when choosing a dog.

Budget and Time

You need to figure out just how much time and money you are willing to devote to a dog. Adopting a dog is much like having a child that never grows up, you will always have to care for it. In addition to feeding your dog, you will need to have it groomed, buy toys for it and provide health care.

If you aren’t willing to take your dog to get groomed frequently, you need to avoid long-hair breeds and find a dog that is low-maintenance. Some dog breeds are genetically predispositioned to certain medical conditions that are expensive to treat. It is something you really need to look into before choosing a dog.

Puppies and Adults

You must also consider the age of the dog you want to get. While puppies are super cute, they are a lot of work when considering training and care. Older dogs are usually already house-trained and may even know a few tricks.

Some people feel that the only way to bond with a dog is to get a puppy. However, most older dogs have no problem bonding with their new family.

Why Do You Want a Dog?

You will want to examine the reasons why you want a dog and what you expect to get out of a dog. For example, you might want a companion to go with you on camping and hunting trips or maybe you just want a dog that will snuggle up with you when watching Netflix. You might simply want a dog for protection.

If you are looking for a hunting and camping companion, a Chihuahua is out of the question.

There is much to consider when deciding what type of dog to get. But if you take the time and effort and do your homework, your chances are better that you will find a perfect match.

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