Vet Supplies and Why Your Dog Sticks His Head Out of the Car Window

In all likelihood, you have either had a dog who loved to stick his head out of the window or have seen other dogs with their heads out the car window while you have been driving around doing errands. For this reason, we must conclude that dogs love hanging their heads out of car windows.

Of course, this is just a guess as we really have no idea for sure that dogs love doing this. It’s not like we can ask the dogs for answers on the subject. But we do have some thoughts on the subject that we are more than happy to pass along to you. Much of the information we have gathered is not science-backed, it is only observation and perhaps a lucky guess.

Jorgensen Labs, your source for quality vet supplies, offers these reasons why dogs love sticking their heads out of car windows.

Better Smells

As you know, dogs are basically walking noses and rely heavily on scent, they love smelling things. And you can bet that there are millions of smells coming at them as you roll down the street. Besides, the inside of your car is all too familiar to your dog and they get tired of smelling stale french fries and Old Spice.

They Might Miss Something

Besides the casual banter between you and your spouse and perhaps screaming kids, there isn’t a whole lot going on inside the car. Fido is much more interested in what is going on outside of your car.

Cool Down

It can get pretty hot inside a car. And even though you might feel quite comfortable, Fido has thick fur and may feel a bit hot. The best way for Fido to cool down is by sticking his head out the window and enjoying that wave of wind on him.

It’s Fun

Perhaps when you were a kid you tried sticking your head out of the car window. You may have discovered it was kind of fun, minus the fact that your eyes teared up and bugs kept hitting you in the face. In a nutshell, dogs may stick their heads out of the window simply because it is fun for them.

Dirty Windshield

Maybe dogs stick their heads out of the car window because the windshield it dirty or cracked. You never know it could be the case.

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