Vet Supplies and Cats in Costumes

Halloween might be over, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t thinking about what you are going to dress your cat up as next year. There are so many options that you figure it is best to get started on the matter right away. As parents all over the country channel their inner Martha Stewart for inspiration for their kid’s costumes, you are exploring the internet for cat costumes.

When you open the door for trick or treaters, you see children dressed up in fun and fabulous costumes. You also see adults dressed up. What they see when you open your door is a cat dressed up as Harry Potter, complete with pipe cleaner glasses, looking completely miserable. Jorgensen Labs, your source for vet supplies, offers reasons why you shouldn’t dress your cat up for Halloween or any time of the year for that matter.

Choking Risk

Some cat costumes have bits that can be easily scratched or chewed off, especially if your cat is determined to get it off. Costume pieces might get swallowed by your cat and can lead to intestinal blockage or choking.

Too Much Attention

You might like all of the attention you get when wearing a costume; your cat, probably not so much. The last thing a timid or fearful cat wants is to be the center of attention. A cat that is dressed up in a costume is going to have to deal with a lot of people wanting to interact with them.


Even if a costume doesn’t appear to impede your cat’s ability to move, it is at the very least uncomfortable. If you recall, putting a collar on your cat when you first got them was quite the struggle and took a while before it was fully accepted. Putting a costume on your cat is a sure way to stress them out.

Communication Impairment

You know that your cat is a predator, but he or she is also prey for other animals. Cats depend upon all of their senses to keep them aware of what is happening in their environment. Halloween costumes squish their whiskers, covers their ears and impedes their ability to move.

You might be well aware that there is no danger to your cat, but your cat doesn’t know that. Keeping your cat in a costume is really stressing them out.

Scent Issues

Scent is a major method of communication and identification that all cats use. A costume will present an unfamiliar scent for your cat and to your cat from others. This is rather unsettling for the cat and other cats may not recognize this dressed up kitty with the weird smell.

Once you take the costume off, your cat will likely spend quite a bit of time cleaning itself and re-establishing their familiar scent.

Enjoy your Halloween any way you feel fit, but use common sense and don’t force your cat into a costume that could pose a danger to your cat. At the very least, your cat will hate it. Visit Jorgensen Labs for the latest vet supplies.