Veterinary Medical Supplies and Resolutions for Pet Owners

It’s the last day of January and we were wondering how you have been doing with your resolutions thus far. Really? Well, that’s too bad, maybe you will have better success next year.

Better still, maybe you could come up with a few more resolutions that have to do with your role as a pet owner. For example, you could resolve to walk Fido more often. This is a good goal as more walks will benefit both you and your dog. Jorgensen Labs, your source for veterinary medical supplies, offers resolutions for pet owners.

Get Your Pet Microchipped

One in three pets will become lost at some point in their life. The statistics for lost pets are staggering. Having your pet microchipped is a great way to help get them back home safe. A microchip is implanted between the shoulder blades under the skin and when your pet is brought to a shelter or animal hospital, it is scanned to see who owns it.

Get the Groom On

Grooming is an important aspect of owning a pet and it takes more than the occasional bath and brushing. Brushing your pet’s coat is a great way to calm them if done routinely. You also bond better when you are brushing them.

It is also a good idea to get into the habit of touching their feet. This way, it is less stressful and easier to trim their nails.

Regular Vet Visits

Sure, you take Fido in to see the vet when he needs his shots or when he swallowed that ball, but you should be taking him in on a regular basis for routine checkups.

Comprehensive exams can help catch illnesses and other problems early, when they are easier and less expensive to treat. Frequent visits also help reduce the anxiety pets have when you take them to the vet.

Be a Responsible Pet Owner

It has happened to everyone. You are walking your dog in the park and BOOM, you now have dog poo on your shoe. If only it were a simple task to scrape it off. Unfortunately, shoe manufacturers are more concerned about traction than dog poo and the stuff is in every nook and cranny.

This wouldn’t be a problem if everybody was a responsible pet owner and cleaned up after their dogs. But you can at least resolve to do your part to reduce the amount of poo in the park.

Exercise Together

Exercise is critical for both you and your pet. Exercising together not only get the both of you out of the house and moving, but you also get to bond together as well.

Routine walks are wonderful, but you should also mix it up by throwing a tennis ball or participating in doga. Yes, that is dog yoga.

Eat Right

Since you are resolving to get more exercise, you should also resolve to eat right. You and your pet, that is. Make sure you aren’t overfeeding your pet and keeping them fit and trim.

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