Vet Supplies and Keeping Fido Safe on the Road

Summer is almost here and many of you probably already have a vacation planned. Perhaps you have a trip to the beach planned, or maybe you are heading to another state to visit parents or other relatives.

Traveling can be quite a stressful event, and it can be even more stressful if you are bringing Fido with you. More stressful for you and for Fido.

Traveling with pets involves a lot more than just loading the animal in the back seat and taking off, especially if you are heading out on a long road trip. Jorgensen Labs, your vet supply service, offers tips to help keep your pet safe, happy and comfortable while on the road.

Take Them to the Vet

The last thing you want to happen on your trip is to have your dog barf every time you turn the corner. Some pets aren’t healthy enough to go on a road trip.

Take your pet to the vet and make sure they are in peak health before taking them with you on vacation.

Aging dogs may be healthy enough to go on a trip, but you will want to ensure they are comfortable for the journey. And don’t assume that because your dog was fine going on a trip last year that it will be the same this year. Dogs change when they age.

Pick the Right Ride

If you are going to have Fido in the vehicle with you for several hours, make sure you take the right vehicle on the trip. A two-seat convertible might be fun for you to ride in, but Fido might not be very comfortable. Unless Fido happens to be a Chihuahua.

Keep Them Safe

It is never a good idea to have animals running loose in your vehicle. Not only are they a huge distraction, should you get in an accident or have to hit the brakes hard, but you could also seriously injure your pet.

For this reason, it makes perfect sense to utilize a harness or some other form of restraint to keep your pet safe.

Keep an eye out for anything that will make your pet uncomfortable while you are driving. For example, the sun shining in your car and on your pet might make him too hot.

Food, Water and Medication

When you are traveling with your pet, make sure you bring along plenty of food and water. And don’t forget to bring any meds they are taking.

It is much better to bring along your supply of food than to have to buy it on the way.

Take Lots of Breaks

You might be able to go four or five hours without having to stop to use the bathroom, but Fido might not be comfortable holding it in for that long. You should probably plan on stopping for a break and a short walk every couple of hours.

This means your trip plans shouldn’t be as ambitious as they usually are.

Plan Lodging in Advance

The last thing you want to happen is to arrive at a motel late at night only to find out they don’t allow pets. Don’t assume that every motel and campground in America allows pets.

There are several websites that offer resources for travelers with four-legged friends with them.

Make Sure Your Pet is Legal

If you are traveling out of state, make sure your pet is all up to date with shots and have all health certificates handy. It is always a good idea to travel with information about any condition your pet might have.

Always Have an Eye on Your Pet

A road trip is just as exciting for Fido as it is for you. So don’t be surprised when your dog leaps out of the car 100 miles an hour to check out the rest area. Leash up your dog before you open up the car door and if you let your dog run around a bit, keep a close eye on him.

Don’t Leave Your Pet in the Car Unattended

There is a lot going on when you are on the road. Don’t get so caught up in what is going on around you at the gas station or rest area that you forget about your pet and leave them in the car.

More and more states are making it illegal to have a pet in a hot car, even if you are only gone for a minute or two.

Check Tags and Microchip

Before you hit the road, you will want to make sure that your pet has tags with up-to-date information and a microchip that is registered and current.

Nobody plans on having their pet escape when they are on the road or on vacation, but it can happen.

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