Vet Supplies and Pet Sitters

If you could, you would probably take your cat or dog with you wherever you went. But you can’t always take Fido or Fluffy with you on your journey and sometimes they have to stay home, even if this breaks your heart.

Boarding facilities can be traumatic for pets since they are unfamiliar with their surroundings and around other animals that are not known to them. But there is another option.

Many pet owners choose to keep their pasts at home and leave them with a pet sitter who takes care of them while you are away. As a bonus, your pet sitter can also check your mail and make sure you turned your oven off before leaving.

Finding a pet sitter isn’t as easy as you might think, it takes a lot of questions and perhaps even a background check. Jorgensen Labs, your source for vet supplies, offers tips on finding the right pet sitter.

Background Check

A background check is going to cost you some money, but will be well worth the expense. You will have peace of mind knowing that you didn’t leave your dog or cat with someone who has a criminal history.

Interaction with Fido or Fluffy

It is a good idea to have a potential pet sitter spend some time with your pet to see how well they get along.

Have them come to your house prior to hitting them and watch how they interact with your pet. You also want to see how your pet reacts to them. If Fido is calmed and relaxed and Fluffy is purring, then all seems to be going rather well.

If your pets seem nervous, then perhaps you should move on you another person.

Ask All of the Right Questions

Even before you set up a formal interview, there are a few questions you should ask before pursuing anybody for this position. You need to see if they can provide written proof that they are bonded and insured. You will want to ask them if they are experienced in pet sitting. And you will want to ask them how flexible they are and how well they can handle emergencies.

Get Recommendations

You aren’t the first person on your block or at work or among your friends who has looked into a pet sitter. Ask around and check with your friends and co-workers to see if anybody has a glowing recommendation.

You can also look for reviews on Yelp and other websites. Anybody who has been pet sitting for some time is bound to have references as well. Ask for them.

Confirm Availability

Contact a potential pet sitter and see if they are available on the dates you will be gone. Ask them if they are flexible in case you have a canceled flight or are otherwise delayed getting back home.

Don’t forget to give your pet sitter a detailed list of everything they need to know from a garage door code to what not to feed Fido.

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