Vet Supplies and What Not to Feed Your Dog

Nobody can resist the cute face and sad eyes of a dog begging for table scraps. You just might be tempted to slip Fido a piece of steak or your kids might be tempted to drop a brussel sprout for his enjoyment.

Giving your dog human food isn’t all that bad, but you still have to be careful. There are foods we eat that are perfectly safe for us, but they are not safe for dogs. For example, chocolate is tasty for humans, but toxic for dogs.

The best way to keep Fido safe is by learning what foods he can eat and which foods not to feed him. Jorgensen Labs, your source for vet supplies, offers this list of foods you should never feed your dog.


This holds true for any foods that are full of sugar as well. Sugar or corn syrup are found in just about everything these days. Too much sugar can lead to the same problems we have when eating too much sugar including dental problems, obesity and diabetes. Yes, your dog can be diabetic.


Salt isn’t all that healthy for humans and even less so for dogs. Too much salt for your dog can lead to increased temperature, depression, vomiting and even seizures. So it is a good idea to skip giving Fido any of those fries from Wendy’s.

Raw Meat and Fish

Raw fish and meat can have bacteria that causes all sorts of health issues. If you want to give your dog steak or some other form of meat or fish, make sure it is cooked to the proper temperature.


While dogs are carnivores and would prefer a piece of steak over any vegetables, bell peppers are safe to feed dogs. There are benefits Fido will enjoy eating vegetables as they are full of vitamins and minerals. For example, bell peppers are full of vitamin C and beta-carotene.

But you should avoid giving your dog any type of hot pepper. Jalapenos and other hot peppers are best left for human consumption for obvious reasons.


Whether they are fried, sauteed or raw, you should never give your dog an onion. In fact, onions are one of the worst foods to feed dogs. Onions contain sulfoxides and disulfides, both of which pose a health danger in dogs.

Dairy Products

Giving your dog a slice of cheese or drink of milk isn’t going to harm them, but it might result in some diarrhea or some smelly gas. Dairy products are notorious for causing digestive issues in dogs. They can also trigger food allergies in dogs as well.

Macadamia Nuts

Feeding your dog even just a small amount of macadamia nuts can be deadly. Some symptoms include weak back legs, high temperature, muscle shakes and vomiting. If your dog has ingested macadamia nuts, get him to the vet right away.


Liver is great for your dog if given in small doses. But you should avoid feeding him too much liver as the huge amount of vitamin A could adversely affect Fido’s bones and muscles.

Grapes and Raisins

Even a small amount of grapes and raisins can cause issues for your dog. Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in dogs, so avoid them at all costs.


In small amounts, garlic is fine for dogs. But you should avoid feeding Fido large amounts of garlic. Like onions, garlic is toxic for dogs as it kills red blood cell count.

Corn on the Cob

Small amounts of corn are safe for your dog, it is the cob that is the issue. If your dog is determined enough, he will eat that cob. The cob is not only a choking hazard, but it also can cause intestinal blockage.

Cooked Bones

The danger bones present is that they easily splinter after they are cooked. However, raw bones are safe for your dog and good for his teeth and nutrition.

Cat Food

For whatever reason, many dogs prefer cat food over dog food. But cat food contains fats and proteins that target a cat’s dietary needs. The fat and protein levels in cat foods are way too high for your dog.

Eating too much cat food can result in an upset stomach and pancreatitis.


Avocados are full of persin, which can cause vomiting, diarrhea and heart congestion in dogs. The pit is the most dangerous part of the avocado due to the fact it is a major choking hazard. The pit is also full of persin, making it quite dangerous should Fido swallow it.


Regardless of the delivery system, caffeine can cause some serious health issues in dogs. So don’t give fido coffee, tea, energy drinks or anything else with caffeine.

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