Vet Supplies and Pet Safety on Halloween

Halloween is a festive and fun time for children and families. But for pets, it can be a nightmare. Anxiety, fear and costumed visitors can pose a threat to pets during Hallow’s Eve.

Whether your dog or cat is prone to anxiety and fear or not, Halloween activities can turn their lives into chaos and leave them uncomfortable. Jorgensen Labs, your source for vet supplies, offers Halloween safety tips for your pets.

You Can Be Scary Too

Dogs tend to rely on smell to identify familiar faces. But this does not mean that they will recognize you in a costume. Halloween costumes make you look like nothing your dog has seen before. Wings, big hats and unusual textures can scare dogs and invoke a fear response.

Minimize Noise

Screaming kids, haunting music, doorbells, loud noises on Halloween are impossible to avoid. What you can do is minimize the amount of noise on this holiday.

For example, you can use a sound machine, turn on the radio or turn up the television to drown out some of the noises in the background.

Pet experts recommend having a safe haven for your dog and cat, a room where they can feel safe from the hazards of Halloween.

ID Tags

Make sure your pets are wearing updated ID tags. If your dog were to become spooked and run away, he will be easily identified should somebody find him.

Keep Candy Away

Chocolate can be deadly for your dog and sugary sweets can give him an upset stomach. And your dog will be tempted to eat that Snickers if it is left where he can reach it.

Make sure your kids store their candy stash somewhere where pets can’t get to it. And keep extra treats around as Fido and Fluffy will have their own goodies to enjoy.

Use a Leash

We don’t care how well your dog obeys, a loud noise or costumed kid could freak him out. So even if your dog is mellow and well-behaved, keep him on a leash should you take him with you.

Choose Costumes Wisely

Sure, it’s fun dressing Fido up in a cute costume, but it’s important to take safety into consideration. Make sure the costume isn’t unsafe, constricting or otherwise annoying. This will add stress to your dog or cat.

Be wary of costumes that use rubber bands to keep them in place because your pet can chew it off and eat it. Rubber bands can also become embedded in your pet’s fur, causing pain and discomfort.

Use Caution With Candles and Pumpkins

Pets are attracted to pretty lights just as we are. Candles can be easily knocked over, so make sure they are in a place where your pets can’t reach them.

Keep Decorations Out of Reach

Battery-powered and electric Halloween decorations are super fun and not as dangerous as candles, but they still pose a threat. Pets who chew on electric cords put themselves at risk and batteries can cause chemical burns if chewed.

Enjoy a safe Halloween and visit Jorgensen Labs for your vet supplies.