Vet Supplies and Breaking Up

Breaking up is never fun, you have our sympathies. But there is one thing that can make a breakup a little easier: A dog.

Nothing heals a broken heart better than time, but having a dog in your life will help you through the process. Jorgensen Labs, your source for vet supplies, offers the ways a dog will get you through a breakup.

Unconditional Love

Dogs can provide the kind of unconditional love that will sustain you in times of heartbreak and depression. Don’t view the breakup as losing someone you once loved, think of it as an event that leaves you with more time to hang out with your dog.

Dogs cannot express how they feel in words, but they say a lot with meaningful looks and kisses. That is probably much better than the way you were treated by your ex.

Get Out and Do Things

Once the crying and slamming ice phase is over, you might feel like dusting yourself off and actually going outside. A little physical activity, sunlight and playtime with Fido is just what you need to make yourself feel better.

Taking your dog for a walk through the park makes Fido happy and gets you out of the house. That has got to feel better.

Staying In

Of course, you might decide to hunker down in the house for a few days or weeks after a breakup, which is fine. It’s a good thing that dogs are pretty content with just lounging around the house and not doing much of anything.

It will do your soul some good to just bury yourself under a blanket on the couch and share delivery pizza with your dog.

Cuddle Partner

One of the toughest parts about a breakup is the loss of a warm body. Cuddling always makes you feel better. Dogs are ready and willing to fulfill that role.


Dogs have absorbent fur, so they are able to catch those tears of despair. If you run out of tissues, Fido is there to lend a shoulder to cry on. He won’t even mind if you get a little snot on him.

No Judgement

You can talk and talk for hours about how much you hate your ex, and Fido will just sit there and listen to every word. He won’t even interrupt you, unless he has to go outside of course.

When sadness overtakes you and keeps you out of the shower and on the couch all day, your dog will be there to keep you company.

They Can Help You Find Love Again

When you are ready to put down the gallon of ice cream and emerge from your shell, Fido will be there to help. When you are ready to go outside and actually live life again, someone super cute with a dog will no doubt run into you on the trail or at the park. Dog-friendly parks are great places to meet new people.

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