Blood Bag w/ ACD Solution, Equine, 1500ml, Sterile



The standard blood transfusion in equine medicine is not a common procedure. The large volumes needed to be effective can be a challenge to collect and administer. This is compounded by the lack of equine specific transfusion materials to make the process easier and simpler to do.

Traditional equine blood collection / transfusion requires a large collection bag, then the separate addition of anticoagulants at collection time.
JorVet now offers large collection bags with ACD anticoagulant already provided in the bag plus an integral attached 14g needle in two bag sizes.

In addition, equine plasma can have a life saving role in newborn foals in conditions such as the“failure of passive antibody transfer” and neonatal isoerytholysis.

1500ml sterile blood bag w/ 225ml ACD, 100cm tubing and 14g needle

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Weight 1 lbs