ComboXL Centrifuge w/ IRAP


Product Description

IRAP Centrifuges The ComboXL can be equipped with a specialized rotor to easily spin down the IRAP syringe contents.
• Digital controls
• Quiet operation
• Simple to use with safety features
• meets the performance requirements of 4,000 rpms
• IRAP rotor that will take the large 60ml IRAP syringe
from either Dechra or Arthrex.

Horizontal separation offers many advantages over traditional fixed-angle separations, including straigh- line serum separations and maximun ova yield when spinning fecals with coverslips on the tube. The ComboXL centrifuge spins test tubes from 3ml to 15ml, and even 50ml, at speeds up to 4,000 rpm, with microprocessor speed control. Simply program the digital time and speed and the ComboXL centrifuge will lock the lid and spin the load. G-forces up to 2,683g’s will produce serum in minutes, or reduce the speed for urine sediment and fecal floatations. The zero-rpm interlocking metal lid will stay locked until the rotor has come to a stop, to ensure safety. The all-metal rotor buckets are built for strength and durability, and the wide-mouth metal bowl allows for easy cleanup. The whisper-quiet heavy-duty brushless DC motor can handle high volume use and high-speed full loads for years to come.

Fecal (with coverslips)

Advanced Features include:
– Swing-out rotor for spinning blood, urine, semen and fecals (with coverslips)
– Straight-line separation for accurate processing
– High g-forces for fast separation
– Automatic brake allows for rapid deceleration
– Includes 50ml inserts for semen concentration
All metal rotor and buckets include:
– Four, 4-place 3ml-6ml rotor inserts (16 tube capacity) Maximum tube size: 13.5mm x 90mm
– Four, 3-place 6ml-15ml rotor inserts (12 tube capacity) Maximum tube size: 18mm x 125mm
– Four, 50ml rotor inserts (4 tube capacity) Maximum tube size: 30mm x 125mm

11.4”H x 15.35”W x 19.88”D. 40 lbs

ComboXL with IRAP rotor for equine market

Additional Information

Weight 46 lbs