D-GRIP® Tube Holder



D-GRIP® is the perfect airway management support system for exact positioning and security of anaesthetic circuits and airway devices.
D-GRIP® was born out of the development of the V-GEL® range of veterinary species-specific supraglottic airway devices when it was noticed that there was constant difficulty associated with supporting airway devices and circuits in the optimal position and preventing them from displacing during anesthesia. The D-GRIP® replaces piles of sandbags and wedges with a single simple and adjustable system, easily customised to different operating practices.
D-GRIP® provides unlimited positioning options to obtain optimal patient comfort and safety. The three rubber W-form gripping areas are supported by a transparent panel, which has a huge range of angle and height adjustments. The indentations give a firm support by gripping the various tubes and cables that can be used during anaesthetic procedures. The legs are fully flexible to achieve a large scope of height and angle adjustments to obtain the perfect positioning requirement. The legs can even be wound around table edges or anaesthetic trolleys for even more fixing options. Positioned correctly, the D-GRIP® prevents the weight of the circuit tubing from dragging on the V-GEL® (or other airway device), which would otherwise increase the risk of device malposition, volatile agent leaks or upper airway trauma.
D-GRIP® allows veterinary surgeons and nurses to concentrate on treating the patient without worry and is suitable for use on a wide treatment of companion animals with complete safety.


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