Dynamic External Fixator Kit, Small


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Uniplanar Dynamic Distractor. Bone lengthening is occasionally required to substitute bone lost through growth plate abnormalities, e.g. short radius or trauma. The bilateral dynamic fixator is more user friendly than the ring fixator. N.B. 1.00mm pitch means that one full turn of the adjuster moves the assembly 1.00mm. Sliding clamps are available as either single or doubles. When significant bowing of the bone involved has occurred (usually radius) some singles may be necessary.
Dynamic External Fixator. New design allows KE device to do limb length- ening on a dynamic basis of 1mm per day. KE pins and threaded rods are the same sizes as standard KE parts. Now in KE plus style allowing use of a wide range of pin diameters.
External Fixator Kit contains:
– 2 Threaded rods
– 4 Sliding double KE clamps
– 8 Locking nuts
– 2 Raised-center face pins
– 2 Trocar-trocar pins

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