Eko CORE Digital Stethoscope


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Product Description

The stethoscope is an iconic diagnostic instrument that is required for listening to a patient’s heart & lung sounds during every physical exam. Eko helps veterinarians hear & see sounds more clearly.

Eko Stethoscopes Digital Features
• Amplify sounds up to 40x
• BluetoothTM connectivity to smart phone
• Can toggle between digital and analog mode
• Rechargeable lithium battery

Eko Stethoscopes App
• Available for iOS or Android
• Real-time sound visualization
• Record, save, and share patient files

Eko Digital Stethoscope Complete: Complete digital stethoscope that comes with standard and pediatric diaphragms.

FDA Approved. 1 Year Warranty.

Actual weight:  1.6 lbs.

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Additional Information

Weight 6 lbs