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Product Description

The new and improved veterinary glucometer.Why use the gPet PLUS veterinary glucose meter rather than a human glucose meter?
• Human glucometers are NOT accurate when measuring glucose levels in animals.
• Red blood cell size and the distribution of glucose within the blood differ from human to animals.
• Humans have a higher hematocrit compared to cats, dogs, and horses, as well as larger red blood cells.
• A portion of glucose is contained within the red blood cells and the remainder in the surrounding plasma. This differs from human blood.
• The distribution of glucose within plasma is proportionally much lower in humans compared to animals, as a larger portion of glucose is contained within the red blood cells.
•Subsequently, these differences in glucose distribution have a bearing on the glucose result when testing animals with a meter designed for human use.

Other thoughts/considerations:
• By providing the glucose meter and test strips you and your client have the sense of how well the blood glucose is being tested.
• Interaction with the client is increased verses the client discussing the glucose meter use with a non-veterinary pharmacist.

J1376n Kit includes:
•JorVet Glucometer meter
• User guide
• AAA battery x 2
• Test strip insert
• Test strips (35)
• Control solution insert • Code strip
• Quick reference guide • Control solution
• Lancing device
• Carry case
• Lancet x 10

J1376SN Test Strips are only compatible with the J1376N JorVet Glucometer.

J1376S Test Strips are only compatible with the J1376 G-Pet Plus Glucometer (discontinued).

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Weight 1.5 lbs