Warm Line, IV Fluid Line Warmer


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Product Description

Familiar robin egg color, oval shaped fluid warmer.
The use of room temperature (70°F) IV fluids on patients either in shock or susceptible to hypothermia should be avoided Ideally, IV fluids should be administered as close to body temperature as possible to all patients, especially smaller ones, for better therapeutic results. The JorVet IV fluid warmer is placed over any standard IV line as close as possible to the patient. The fluids are safely warmed to 100°F.
• LCD displays give temperature at exit point
• Can toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius.
• Indicator lights; Green – unit is powered, Yellow – warming fluids
• Flow rate up to 3ml/minute, will still warm fluids at higher flow rates
• Power 110v/60Hz
• No cartridges or tube extensions needed
• Strap included for hanging on an IV pole
Weight: 0.6kg or 1.3lbs
Dimensions: 7.7”(190mm)L x 3.5”(100mm)W x 2.2”(60mm)D
Warranty: 1 year

Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs