JorVet Large Bore IV Catheter 10g


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Jorvet Large Bore IV Catheter. Large animals need large volumes of IV fluids in a short period of time. Naturally, the IV catheter needs to be a large bore, and often is even put in bilaterally to maximize fluid administration speed.
– Large bore: 10g and 14g catheters. The 10g is the largest available.
– Longer lengths: 51/2″ catheter lessens the risk of pulling out the catheter.
– Pebax catheter implant grade material: much less bioreactive to lessen thrombosis formation for long term >3 days placement.
– Kink resistant: other catheters like non-stick will kink upon bending, making them unusable.
– Clear catheter material versus opaque non-stick.
– Suture patch: a thin, flexible patch with twin eyelets. Allows suturing in place or hold with tissue adhesives. Reduces catheter pull-out.
– Competitive pricing and available through JorVet distributors.

Catheter. Sterile. 10g x 5 1/2″.

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