Microscope Cleaning / Service Kit



Microscope Cleaning and Service Kit will work for any and all microscopes. The microscope is a workhorse in the veterinary clinic. It is routinely exposed to many solutions between laboratory stains, immersion oils, and body fluids. These all can adversely affect the optical performance. Routine cleaning, adjustment, and alignment are a necessary function to get the best diagnostic quality images from your microscope. This job is difficult without the proper tools and instructions.
The JorVet microscope cleaning and service kit makes this possible for even the novice microscope user. The kit contains ten different components in a storage case.

Microscope Cleaning and Service Kit.
– Micro-fiber lens cloth that removes dust and debris from the scope (9″ x 9″)
– Soft-bristled dusting brush for routine removal of dust and debris
– Set of 3 Allen Wrenches: 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm
– Micro-glide gear lubricant
– Precision screwdriver set (6) for very small microscope screws
– Air duster 8 oz. pressurized aerosol can with exterior tube
– Cotton tip applicators (100) for cleaning objectives
– Friction collar small double-sided wrench
– Black nylon zippered storage case. 4″ x 7″ x 10″. 1.9 lbs.
– Detailed illustrated service manual, and a glossary of common microscope terminology

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Weight 1.85 lbs