Nylon Basket Muzzle, Set All 10 Sizes, w/ Quick Release Buckle


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Product Description

Constructed of strong nylon plastic with a reinforced nose and strong nylon strap. Tan.

Muzzle Set, all 10 sizes.
J0884aq Size: 1 Breed: Toy, Yorkshire Terrier, Papillon, etc.
J0884bq Size: 2 Breed: Dachshund, Bichon Frise, etc.
J0884cq Size: 3 Breed: Westie, Jack Russell, etc.
J0884dq Size: 4 Breed: Corgi, Fox Terrier, Spaniel, etc.
J0884eq Size: 5 Breed: Beagle, Border Collie, Cocker, etc.
J0884fq Size: 6 Breed: Dalmation, Springer Spaniel, etc.
J0884gq Size: 7 Breed:  Airdale, Chow Chow, etc.
J0884hq Size: 8 Breed:  Labrador, Golden Retriever etc
J0884jq Size: 9 Breed: German Shepherd, Weimaraner, etc.

J0884kq Size; 10Breed: Great Dane, New Foundland, etc.

This set is the same as the J0884S except it has the quick release buckle feature.

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Weight 2.85 lbs