Redi-Warm Fluid Bag Warmer


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Product Description

The Ready Warm is a multi-use digital warming plate for clinics, laboratories, and research facilities. Various applications include warming fluid bags, slides, petri dishes and other biological specimens requiring consistent and accurate heat. The Ready Warm can hold 66 glass slides, 15 100mm petri dishes, or 4 1-liter fluid bags.

Administering IV fluids close to body temperature has become increasingly viewed as a valuable therapeutic modality. Veterinary patients, either small in size or possibly in hypovolemic shock, benefit greatly from receiving warm IV fluids (~100 degrees F) versus room temperature fluids. Additionally, emergency abdominal flushes can be administered in an instant with warm fluids on standby. The new Ready Warm fluid bag warmer maintains up to 4 1-liter IV bags at ready-to-use temperatures, with digital controls programmed to show the correct temperature of the fluids at all times. The bags can be left on the warmer for extended periods of time to be ready for emergencies.

Corrosion resistant aluminum Durable metal construction

Temperature range: 122°F +/-5°F Preset at 100°F (37°C) Accuracy: +/- 1.8°F

Length: 22.835” (580mm) Width: 12” (305mm) Height: 3.07” (78mm) Weight: 13lbs (5.89kg)

Lighted power switch
Auto-switching CE / cUL approved power adapter
Output: 12vDC / 10A
Input: 100-240vAC 50/60Hz

Actual Weight: 14 lb.

Weight reflected in additional information is in reference to dimensional weight for shipping purposes.

Additional Information

Weight 17 lbs