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V-GEL® is the first true veterinary species specific supraglottic airway device. Its core technology was first proven to work in the human anesthesia and resuscitation airway management sector, specifically the ‘i-gel’ airway device (www.i-gel.com) which is delivering significant patient and user benefits on a global scale.
Docsinnovent are innovation leaders in airway management devices. Its founders led the ‘i-gel’ product and manufacturing technology development program all the way to market realization. After an extensive new research and development program Docsinnovent bring the same benefits experienced in humans into the veterinary anesthesia and resuscitation sector with the first-ever species-specific veterinary supraglottic airway devices for cats and rabbits.
The V-GEL® name is derived from ‘v’ for ‘veterinary’ and ‘gel’ to highlight that it uses a very soft gel-like material that contributes with anatomically shaped features to give a trauma-free high quality pressure seal around the airway and esophageal structures. V-GEL® is an internationally patented, radical innovation for veterinary anesthesia which delivers significant benefits.
The benefits of V-GEL®
– Anatomical matching features combined with a soft gel-like material to give a high quality pressure seal that avoids laryngeal and tracheal trauma, which means safer anesthetics and superb comfortable patient recoveries.
– Fast, easy, safe and stress-free device insertions.
– No post-operative coughing or gagging.
– Low airway breathing resistance due to the large airway channel within the device.
– High quality pressure seal restricting leakage of volatile anesthetic agents, thus improving health and safety in anesthesia and overcoming patient sensitization to smell – a common problem in rabbits.
– Super soft contoured tip for a highly effective upper oesophagus seal to prevent potential aspiration of reflux fluid.
– Integral gas sampling port to reduce re-breathing dead-space and making high quality monitoring easier.
– Integral bit block to stop patient damaging device and occluding the airway.
– Materials validated for autoclave sterilization to eliminate cross-infection.

Weight of cat: 3 – 5 kg +

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