Vet Supplies and Pet Sitters

If you could, you would probably take your cat or dog with you wherever you went. But you can’t always take Fido or Fluffy with you on your journey and sometimes they have to stay home, even if this breaks your heart. Boarding facilities can be traumatic for pets since they are unfamiliar with their…read more

Supplying the Veterinary Surgical Instruments for the Procedures of the Future

As medical breakthroughs happen with robust in human health, as they also do in the advances of veterinary medicine. And while we may still be a ways away before Rover will be receiving a heart or brain transplant, if you have heard it is possible to do to a human then it is likely it…read more

Don’t Overlook Proper Maintenance of Your Veterinary Surgical Instruments

All too often, proper maintenance of veterinary surgical instruments is overlooked, leading to costly repairs down the road. If properly cared for, many of the instruments veterinarians own can last the life of the practice. The first step to proper care is to begin the cleaning process as soon as possible after the surgery, this is…read more

Dr. Doolittle Didn’t Do Enough: Veterinary Surgical Instruments from Jorgensen Laboratories

When a man can walk like the animals and talk like the animals, there’s a lot of good that you can do for the animals, but when you can’t ask an animal to tell you where it hurts, then you have a lot more work cut out for you. Assuming that we’re not psychics or…read more

All Creatures Great and Small: Veterinary Surgical Instruments Jorgensen Laboratories

The writer and veterinarian James Herriot, author of “All Creatures Great and Small” once said, “Why … had I ever decided to become a country vet? I must have been crazy to pick a job where you worked seven days a week and through the night as well. Sometimes I felt as though the practice…read more

Your Reliable Source for Veterinary Surgical Instruments

Veterinarians are charged with one of the most important jobs of all, taking care of our furry companions. Dogs, cats, and all other pets bring an unparalleled amount joy and love to our lives each and every day, and it is your job to keep them healthy! All of your clients and customers depend on…read more